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Welcome to Jedi Courier for your daily Star Wars info

January 31st
Zondi is a great guy. He's a great gamer, a good companion, and enjoy's kicking people's asses. If I had to play with one guy, it would be Zondi. Zondi goodluck in the future and I hope all goes well with school. Your gaming buddy forever Allsho. "Keep on gaming forever".
"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people."

December 11,2005
      Well second post eva!!! I posted my homemade star Wars Machinamas (Movies made with games) and i updated the games section!!
<QUOTE>"Thisis addresses to Queffect. WOOT!!"</QUOTE>
October 23-
Wow first post EVA! Thisis addresses to zondi. WOOT!!

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