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Here are the latest updates on Star Wars Video games.


Well, right now this is probably the only game worth putting here. This game is going to be amazing. Of course thoe some of you might think this is the first Star Wars RTS (real-time strategy game) but it's not.Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds , Star Wars Force Commander ,and Star Wars Rebellion were all OK Star Wars RTS's. But theier hasn't been a breakthrough game yet. But with all luck this game is what Star Wars fans have been waiting for.

        This game is being made by the fathers of the RTS genre that we know and love today. They used to be Westwood studios, but know their know as Petroglyph, and they were the creators of the whole Command and Conquer series Before Eloctronic Arts took over the franchise and made Command and Conquer:First Decade along with the game Generals. There is high hopes riding on this game, and the hype is building. I beleive that Petroglyph will be able to succeed.

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