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Strategies Abound
EE2-Rush Defense
Empire Earth II
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Game Deatails                                                           Date-12/20/05
Max population:2000
Number of players:4

Ok, so the game starts boom. Me and my fellow were luckily placed next to, or near each other. Our most played games were like these positions. So basically we knew all teh nook and crannies.
   This is a basic drawing of the map. And as you can see light blue and green most definetily conrtol majority of the map. Giving them a population advatnage, if they took it that is.
       Well it starts off like this, basically since this was my first battle with human opponents for a long time. I was very nervous and didnt want to loose. And learning my lesson from last time I was constantly waching firefly. My perception at the time was that green was a noob and wasn't a threat ,which he never really was. So I kept wacthing Blue. And i saw him have foundations for building, and i saw hime buidling barracks as it went from foundation to foundation, so i new automatically he was rushing. I radio over to crisum of his intentions, but i don't think he understood what a rusher's real power. So I start steam rolling my constructions. Bulding coastal defenses and wall defenses, the finally my barracks, and i had to build a lot, I thought becuase I thought i would need tons of soldeirs spawning every second to stop his rush. But blue, made MANY vital mistakes during the game, and his first one was that he didnt produce the maximum amount of soldiers he could have at the beginning. Instead he build two platoons of 60 men and postioned one at my wall, and the other at Crisums. Ok, all of a sudden i get a message saying he would like to form alliances with me. OK, that was pretty dum of him, becuase part of his terms were that armed force be allowed to enter my base. That is defenitly a NO. Beucase if he decided to turn on me with his army in my base i would be devastated. So I counter his offer by making it merchant units only. He sends me it again asking for full border permissions, so I knew what he wanted to do. So I snubb him, and reject his offer. Knowing full well the consequences it might reap on me. So I prepare my defenses.

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All work is here for you, the veiwer, to use and keep for presonal reference and use.